Terms of Use

  1. You must provide validated content in order to reach the target.

  2. It is strictly forbidden to publish any illegal substances such as poisons, narcotic drugs, sexual products, etc.
  3. You must provide validated content in order to reach the target.

  4. When you see an objectionable content, you can click on the "Report" option and notify us of the infringing content in order to take appropriate action.
  5. Prohibits the publication of content of a racist nature or content that promotes hate.

  6. Your submission of correct and valid information makes the service provided to other users have a good quality.
  7. Misuse of the service will ban the user.

  8. Any attempt to harm other users will ban the user.

  9. The service is intended only to reveal the location of the drug and not from the responsibilities to deliver, sale or purchase of medication.
  10. It is prohibited to pots items that are free of charge for sale.

  11. The supply of sexual products and drugs of all kinds is prohibited.

  12. The service is not for begging.

  13. MedsApp is not responsible for the expired medicine.

  14. No consultations or prescriptions will be offered.

  15. Medesap will not be responsible in the event of use of a medicine that has caused illness, injury or death.

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